Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ferron Trip 2016

Every year Kirk and I take a trip to where he grew up! It includes camping, fishing and a trip down memory lane! I recently bought myself a fancy camera so I could capture the magic of this place! Here are some pictures!

Every time we are there we add the year <3


We didn't catch very many fish but I was so excited when we reeled this one in

My pyro and his I'm about to play with fire face :)

Our campsite at Ferron Reservoir

Kirk as a scout made this sign for his eagle project!

Our last night of vacation we decided to spend the night in the desert!

Kirks comment on this picture is "Was my beard really this long?"  lol

I love our yearly trips here! I love all the stories and pure love he has for this place! I cannot wait to make this a family tradition!

Until next time
    -Sarah Anne  XOXOXO


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

An update!

Its about time I start my new blog! I thought It was time for a new start! So I'll catch you up on whats going on: Kirk and I are still going as strong as ever!We have been dating for 2 1/2 years
- I am almost 22 but still feel 30 most days!

- I currently work at Walmart as a cashier.... I'm not so proud of it but it's a job and It pays the bills (barely)

-I am a puppy mommy of a Chiweenie who is 5 but is still as spunky as ever!
Other then that My life is just any 21 year old girl! I love you guys! until next time

                      -Sarah Anne